CAR SHO Takes Over Village of A.G.!

Car Show

Photo from Club Files

 The Arroyo Grande Valley Car Sho will be taking over the Village of Arroyo Grande on Saturday, July 26th. (That’s their spelling)
The show will be featuring hundreds of hot rods, muscle cars, trucks, motorcycles and vintage trailers, attracting hundreds of car enthusiasts from around the state.
Admittance is no charge. All proceeds from entry fees, raffle sales and other activities are donated to local youth and senior citizens activities. Approximately $124,000.00 has been donated to date!
Branch Street will be closed from Bank of America through to the end of the Village, so you will want to keep that in mind.
If you are interested in more information or interested in becoming a member of Arroyo Valley Car Club then you can contact Linda Aiello-Madison from the Arroyo Valley Car Club at (805) 489-9195 or visit the club online at:

Ember Restaurant Creates Taste Sensations in Arroyo Grande!

We are sending out our thanks to Brain and Harmony Collins for the wonderful and unique new restaurant in our own backyard.

You might want to give them a great big “like” on their facebook site:


Sous Chef, Dave Marks, making the fresh mozzarella for the wonderfully refreshing heirloom tomato salad.

We experienced the wonderful heirloom and tomato salad that includes freshly made mozzarella, as well as four of the  unique flat bread style pizzas.

Do not be afraid to venture into the unknown on the topping choices. They change these toppings from month to month so we can look forward to a new and exciting eating experience each time we visit!

Ember is located at:

1200 E Grande Ave in Arroyo Grande


Swinging Bridge Lifetime Pass Holder!

swinging Bridge in Arroyo Grande

Official signed by the Mayor of Arroyo Grande!

We were on the City of Arroyo Grande website about a week ago, just clicking around. Finally what caught our eyes was a page on the Swinging Bridge. Here are a few things we learned.

The bridge was originally constructed in early 1875 by the Short family to span the divided piece of land they owned. The City of Arroyo Grande now owns and maintains the bridge.

In March of 1995 the bridge was completely restored after a tree had fallen and damaged the bridge. Apparently, at that time, this great community, that we are now a part of, rallied around and helped to make this restoration possible. Continue reading

A 4th Celebration Is Now A Memory

The 4th of July found us in Heritage Square Park in the early part of the day. We enjoy this event every year. We love this event for the old fashion feel to the start of such a day of celebration for our country. It is about the sight of all the folks dressed in Red, White and Blue. It’s about the smell of the hot dogs and popcorn. It’s about the sound of The Village Band (patriotic concert band), playing familiar tunes we have grown up loving and cherishing. It’s about the feel of connecting with friends and neighbors. It’s about not only the pride we all share about our nation, but of our community of Arroyo Grande as well. Where else can you see a Mayor flipping hot dogs?

While we were out and about we stopped just long enough at Dinosaur Park to have a picture taken of us with the Pismo Beach pier in the distance behind us, then set off to party with great friends. We made it back home in time to offer comfort to our dogs and cats while the fireworks blasted all around our home.

4th of July at Dinosaur Park

Today had me on a quest for a funny card to send to a friend that is in basic training in the Marines. I know that he is feeling home-sick and I thought a funny card would help brighten his day. My quest wasn’t a long one because I headed straight to the Village Papery & Gifts where Debra Jackson took the time to help me find the perfect card!
Debra carries a unique product line called Tokyomilk. This product is a line of wonderful lotions, parfum scents and candles that leave in the good stuff while leaving out the bad, and is made in the USA. Debra is currently offering this product on sale at 25% off through this Sunday, July13th. So, being the great shopper that I am, I picked up a few items to tuck away for Christmas. I can’t believe that I actually just started my Christmas shopping!
Contact Debra Jackson at the Village Papery & Gifts

Arroyo Grande Sales Tax Support Services That Benefit All!

Rooster Creek Tavern in Arroyo Grande

Rooster Creek Tavern in Arroyo Grande

Revenues from sales tax pay for approximately 1/3 of the costs for Arroyo Grande police, fire, streets and parks!

That information came to my home recently from the City of Arroyo Grande on a post card. It really brings home the reality that each and every time we “shop local” it’s making a huge difference to our city.

The next time I am buying something in Arroyo Grande, I will certainly pause and think about the bigger picture of where that local tax is going and how far it has to go. It’s has a pretty amazing journey!

I do feel the very large postcards should have been more than just a reminder. Maybe the words “THANK YOU” should have been written on it somewhere as well… at least to me personally because I “shop local” as much as possible.

For example, today I supported Phantom Rivers Winery and Rooster Creek Tavern. Both were lovely experiences. I am just crazy about the Luna Rosa wine at Phantom Rivers and I love the Beet Salad at Rooster Creek.

While sitting outside at Rooster Creek, I had the added benefit of watching a lady trying to photograph one of the roosters in the parking lot. She would go one way with the camera and the rooster would turn another. This went on for about 15 minutes. It was a very strange sort of dance they both had going and was certainly an enjoyable add-on to eating on the patio today!



I love shopping in the Village of Arroyo Grande, but every now and then, usually with guests from out of town in tow, I like to share the historic side of our town. Sites like the International Order of Odd Fellows Hall built in 1902: the Santa Manuela School-house, one of the oldest one-room classrooms in the nation; and the Barn Museum, which displays the agricultural background of our city.

My favorite historical site is our famous swinging bridge. The bridge was built in 1875 and is suspended 40 feet above the Arroyo Grande Creek. It wiggles and jiggles as you cross from one side to the other. It’s fun to watch little ones, while in the middle, stop, stomp, and jump up and down to try and make the bridge wiggle even more, making adults a little nervous.

I didn’t move here until 1999 but I recently learned that in 1995 the bridge had to be repaired due to a tree falling on it. I am thankful that the bridge was restored so that I can enjoy this very rare type of bridge today.

Arroyo Grande takes great pride in honoring its past. Its Village association and city government is devoted to keeping its small town feel, and nothing makes that feeling come more alive than 4th of July at the Rotary Bandstand enjoying a concert from the Village Band. Hot dogs, lemonade and ice cream are served by the South County Historical Society and raffle tickets are sold by the Arroyo Grande in Bloom representatives for wonderful gifts. This festivity starts at 1:00 p.m. and ends early enough so that you plenty of time to enjoy your own evening celebrations elsewhere. There are some chairs available but we like to bring a blanket to sit on. And of course the more family and friends that tag-alone the better the memories!



Memories of 2014 Strawberry Festival

20140525_091128The Strawberry Festival is now a blurred memory, but I thought I’d give it mention. Maybe you saw us? We had a table set up outside of the Prudential California Realty office both days. The weather was gorgeous, lots of people to say hello to and lots of dogs to smile at.

Being located next to Alphy’s Broiler has its advantages, not only because they have great food, but also featured live bands playing the entire time. The music caused lots of folks out in the street to spontaneously break into dance, which just added to the wonderful feeling of this festival.

The children’s area was huge this year, certainly there were more fun activities to do then when our kids were little. The camels were a very cool addition.

Barry and I hope that if you were able to attend the festival, you had a lovely time. If we missed seeing you this time around we hope to see you there next year!

I also wanted to mention that I tried the White Chocolate Blended Mocha at Café Andreini. It’s worth every calorie! Short of jumping into a cold swimming pool, there is nothing better on a hot summer day than a blended coffee! It not only refreshes but wakes you up at the same time!








The Chocolate Sheep and Cashew Bacon Brittle


When I picked up our wine club order from Phantom Rivers Winery last week, I wasn’t actually planning on doing a tasting experience. When I noticed that I wouldn’t be standing alone at the wine counter, I joined right in. Besides the wines being great, the others at the counter were fun to talk with. It ended up that all four of us were transplants from Orange County and had 4 different High Schools represented in the room.

I added an extra bottle of the 2012 Luna Rosa to my club offering because it is just such a lovely wine to sip on warm relaxing days, and is one of my favorites. Feel free to bring me a bottle any time. I will share!

While heading back to our Prudential California Realty office, I was tripped-up by a sly sheep known as “The Chocolate Sheep”. Chocolate Sheep are pretty sneaky critters and before I knew it I had come away with Lemon, Coconut and Bailey’s Irish Cream Truffles. Did you know that they now have a Cashew Brittle with Bacon? They were offering samples but unfortunately I do not eat pork No beef or lamb or Bambi either. You can take rabbits and squirrels off my list too. I do however, eat chocolate!

I had a lovely chat with Noreen Vance, the owner of The Chocolate Sheep and her very worthy, “unworthy assistant”, Marty Thomas. This was Marty’s own creative title and not something I made up on my own… I promise!

I learned from Marty and Noreen that if I took my bottle of Phantom Rivers wine over to Rooster Creek Tavern and ordered a meal to have with my wine that the corkage fee would be “waved”. Just to be sure I called Rooster Creek Tavern and yes, they will “wave” the corkage fee, as long as the wine was purchase that same day and you bring in the receipt. Good to know, but you might check on your own just to be sure they’re still doing this.

Rooster Creek Tavern can be reached at (805) 489-2509

If you would like to try the Cashew Brittle with Bacon, contact The Chocolate Sheep at 201 E. Branch Street. (805) 591-0166

Phantom Rivers Winery website is







Camel Rides and Strawberries!

ImageI have learned that there will actually be camel rides and walking on water in balloons along with more rides and games than in previous years. Come and enjoy great live entertainment and of course lots of great food, not to mention Strawberry everything! One of my favorite pass-times during this event is dog watching. Why is it that people bring their dogs to this event? I have no clue, but I love seeing them and watching the owners’ navigate with their dogs on leashes, dogs in strollers and dogs in tummy-packs. There is something for everyone and every age. For more detailed information you can check out the Village website at


Exploring Branch Street Antiques


Branch Street Antiques was my destination for this week. My find for the week was a lovely signed print by artist Angela Marie Kanas, titled “Young Dancer”. Click “Here” to visit the artist’s website!

I love when you find the unexpected in just that right spot, the unexpected spot, on a high shelf, surrounded by other unexpected items. Then, most importantly, it pulls at your heart. Right at that moment you know it will be perfect in your home. This is the kind of Antique shop that does that.

The owner, Andrea Scott was not working this day, but I did enjoy talking with her mom who mentioned that Andrea specializes in antique jewelry and has lots of knowledge ranging from modern costume pieces to Victorian.

I hope Andrea will allow us to do a video interview in the near future. In the mean time I will enjoy my lovely print of the “Young Dancer”.

We hope you’ll take the time to visit Branch Street Antiques located at 126 E. Branch St Suite B in the Village of Arroyo Grande!

by Sherie Brown